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What a Residential Landscaping Company Can Do

It was stated in the previous article the possible garden styles that a reliable local landscaper can recreate for your business. In this article, you can learn more about the different residential garden styles. Having the basic knowledge about these gardens can empower you to make wise decisions. In effect, you get to create a garden that will fit your lifestyle as well as your taste. Here are a few of the most common residential gardening styles:

  1. Mediterranean Garden – This is quite a versatile garden style. This can be used both for residential and commercial properties. The residential landscaping company that you have hired would use more or less the same water elements since no Mediterranean garden would be complete without them. Unlike its counterpart in a commercial property, the Mediterranean garden installed in a residence might have high walls. This is another special feature of such garden because the walls would protect properties from the harsh elements of nature.
  2. Cottage Garden – If you want to use garden-fresh produce, you should let your residential landscaping company know. They would most likely present to you this particular garden style. Most landscapers would consider this as chaos with an order landscaping design. There is no systematic style for such garden. But it is laid out in a way that would help raise crops for the garden owner.
  3. Southwest Landscape – This garden style has become quite popular. It has this particular charm that is quite hard to resist. Your residential landscaping company would generally use terracotta tiles, clay pots, red clay pavers, wood and other elements with hues that resemble the desert to recreate such garden.

Now that you have a working knowledge of garden styles, you should immediately reach out to Green Oaks Landscape. Our company has created a wonderful paradise for homeowners all over Elk Grove, CA. So why don’t you try our help? Call us now at (916) 238-0369 for information about quality local residential landscaping service!

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