Everything You Need to Know about Mulching

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Are you looking for ways to improve the way your garden looks? Well, probably, we have the perfect solution for you then. It is called mulching. Mulching is an essential part of each lawn and landscaping care and also an important service every professional landscaper offers. But most people don’t know much about it. So, let’s shed some light on adding mulch to your garden.

Generally speaking, mulch is a material you add to the soil to enhance the growth and the look of your plants. That material could be so diverse, from pebbles and straw to compost and farm manure. Their colors can vary from golden yellow and light brown to black.

What are the main benefits of using such materials for your landscape? Every landscaping specialist will recommend you installing mulch for a number of reasons. That kind of ground covering will suppress soil erosion, help the soil maintain a constant temperature, and protect it from extensive winds and rains. When you water your vegetation species, mulching will contribute to retaining moisture into the soil for a longer period of time. Do you need to fight weeds? You can use quality mulch for that purpose too. Not only are they unsightly, but they also take vital nutrients from your plants leading to their withering. Even some more aggressive species can literally destroy an entire garden within days. However, you have to pull out all weeds before applying mulch.

The two main types of mulch are organic and non-organic. The first group encompasses natural materials, like grass clippings, wood bark, straw, and compost. The other group includes pebbles, gravel, and crushed stones. A qualified landscaper will tell you that both groups have strengths and weaknesses, so your decision must be based on a thorough upfront inspection.

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